What is good PowerPoint design?

Many of us have seen a lots of boring [tag]PowerPoint[/tag] [tag]presentations[/tag], so what is a good PowerPoint design? Garr Reynolds has thought about what a good design is. He says,

If there is one important precept worth following, it is the idea of simplicity. The best visuals are often ones designed with an eye toward simplicity. Yet, this says nothing about the specifics of a visual presentation. That will depend on the content and context. For example, even the best visuals used in support of a presentation for one audience on, say, quantum mechanics, may appear complicated and confusing to a different audience.
However, as far as design is concerned, it is useful not to think (judge) in terms of “right or wrong,” but rather in terms of what is “appropriate or inappropriate.” That is, is it appropriate or inappropriate for a particular context? “Good” and “bad” are indeed terms we use when talking about design

Then it become very interesting when he comments some examples. The context is a presentation on gender and labor issues in Japan. The purpose of the slide is to visually support the that “72% of the part-time workers in Japan are women.” So how to design a slide that is subtle, simple, memorable, and fits into a theme that is appealing and attractive?

This is the original picture and the redesigned one.

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Garr Reynolds give you four other pictures on the same theme. Even more interesting is that he comments the different designs.
As presenting information is important you better read his post and learn from a pro.

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