Guide to Organizational Change

Anytime change is being introduced into an [tag]organization[/tag] there is resistance. What surprises me is that managers don´t seem to understand what to do when implementing a change.

Change has become a constant in organizations – whether through choice or changes in the external environment. Change is seldom easy, but managers can make a difference by communicating reasons, respecting values, attending to emotions, and providing as much information as possible.
Said by Esther Derby and offers 10 lessons on Supporting Organizational Change. The main points are,

1. Communicate a Compelling Reason to Change
2. Communicate Formally and Informally
3. Personalize the Message: What Does This Mean for Me?
4. Acknowledge the Unknowns
5. Surface Rumors and Fill in the Blanks
6. Practice What You Preach
7. Acknowledge and Build on What People Value
8. Reframe Resistance
9. People Do Not Resist Change, They Resist Coercion
10. Empathize

As Esther says, “People Do Not Resist Change”. I believe the [tag]managers[/tag] have set up the aim and goals for the change. They know which group has to be changed but they forget the individuals. In every project ( and I believe that a [tag]organizational change[/tag] should be seen as a project) the leader must:
a. Achieve the task.
b. Build and develop the team.
c. Develop the individual.

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