How to present your idea for investors

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten has spent a lot af time talking with potential [tag]investors[/tag]. To our luck he has compiled a list of tips which will improve our chances of getting our [tag]seed money[/tag].

1: No more than 5 slides for your presentation!
2: don’t read the text on your slides.
3: watch yourself!
4: timing is everything!
5: test your story
6: answer EVERY question
7: Don’t bluff, lie or try to be a smart-ass!
8: Use your deodorant
9: don’t be a clown
10: don’t pick a fight

Boris gives comments on every tip. I like the first one, A simple formula to explain this tip: if you have a 30 minute meeting you will want to spend 10 minutes getting to know each other, asking some smart questions about the investor and giving them your [tag]elevator pitch[/tag] and at least 10 minutes for general questions after your presentation. That means you have 10 minutes left for a presentation………….

Notice that he mentions the elevator pitch. From earlier posts by me you know this is a very important part of the presentation.

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten concludes the tips by saying,
One more thing: the people you are meeting are entrepreneurs just like you. They want to make money just like you. They we’re young and brave once too. So if they ask a tough question try to take it like advice and thank them for it. You don’t even have to be nervous because the least you can get from a meeting is some experience and a few good tips. You have nothing too lose here…

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