Learn how you can have passive income from internet

Denise O’Berry is a well-known personality on the Internet and an authority on [tag]small business[/tag] issues.She is also an expert at creating [tag]passive income[/tag] revenue streams that keep the money rolling in week after week, month after month with a minimum of effort.

She has been interviewed by Anita Campbell in Small Business Trends Radio broadcast. Listen to the interview and you will have tips and advice on putting passive income to work for you.

You will learn through some examples why it is crucial to have a niche-focus site and pick [tag]affiliate[/tag] products that are relevant to your niche. And also how you can use autoresponders to effectively grow affiliate commissions, in a fun and interesting way.

You can also download a free copy of Denise’s special 22-page eBook called the “Passive Income Guide”.
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