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When we get the question how to develop ones [tag]business[/tag] we usually answer, write a [tag]business plan[/tag]. Sam Decker also got that question from a friend but he started with giving his friend 20 questions, 20 Questions to Develop Your Business
The questions are very good and Sam says,

As important as the answers are to these, it’s as important that you CAN answer them……
Just asking the questions, digging in deep on some of these, and asking “why” after each answer will yield benefit in most businesses!

The questions are organized in sections but here are some questions I find interesting,

What are your short term and long term [tag]goals[/tag] (what time period are these goals)?
What is the average order size and average order margin? How has this trended?
What is the cost per acquiring a customer? i.e. Total marketing costs / new customers.
If I were a customer, what would my 20 second word of mouth ‘sound byte’ be if I were to tell a friend about you? What would I say?

Read all the questions here.
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